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Digital Transformation Journey: Digital Plants of the Future

Chemical Manufacturing

In the fast-paced world of digital transformation, clinging to outdated data stacks can act as an anchor, hindering progress. Companies often fall victim to tactical solutions that address immediate needs but lack a strategic vision for the future.

The Solution: This leading manufacturer recognized the need for a long-term approach and implemented a platform architecture designed for:

  • Adaptable to Any Need: A platform that can evolve alongside changing business needs and functions.

  • Scalable Digital Solutions: Ability to create, refine, and deploy solutions across multiple locations.

  • Universal Data Access: Seamless access to global data with consistent definitions and classifications.

  • Centralized Hub: A single source of truth for all data and expertise, creating a "Digital Plant of the Future."

The Implementation: The company leveraged Digital Factory to build a comprehensive data platform. This platform consolidated data from various sources, including:

  • Equipment hierarchy

  • Reliability and quality data

  • Events and time series

  • Work orders

  • 3D modeling and laser scans

  • ERP/SAP systems

  • Unstructured documents

The Benefits:

  • Unified Experience: Role-based access facilitates integrated analytics, actionable insights, and optimized workflows.

  • Democratized Data:  Real-time asset data readily available to plant personnel, empowering informed decision-making.

Initial Use Cases at the Manufacturing Facility:

  • Field Worker Empowerment: Providing field workers with the tools and data they need for efficient streamlined operational flow

  • Drag-and-Drop Data Exploration: Easy access and visualization of industrial data.

  • Industrial Digital Replica: A virtual model with connected data and predictive analytics.

  • Automated Digital Twin Management: Autonomous robots for inspection and asset tracking, creating and managing a continuously updated digital twin of the physical plant.

The Future: The company envisions the integrated platform as a standardized library for future use cases across its global operations. These use cases can range from automation to real-time process optimization and connected worker solutions.

Empowering People Through Transformation:  A key aspect of the success story is the human element. The goal is to equip employees with the tools and data needed to do their jobs better.

Early Wins:

  • Improved communication and teamwork

  • Deeper insights and better tracking

  • Faster data retrieval and analysis

  • Increased adherence to procedures

The Road Ahead: The company remains dedicated to ongoing progress, focusing on:

  • Automated inspection & intelligent data platform

  • Implementing High-Value Applications

  • Global Expansion of Successful Solutions

  • Standardization of Effective Solutions Across All Facilities

This story demonstrates how overcoming the challenge of legacy data stacks can pave the way for a successful digital transformation journey. By prioritizing a strategic approach and empowering people with data, companies can unlock significant improvements in efficiency, innovation, and overall business performance.


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