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Retirement Journey: A Leader Reimagines the Experience with Hyper-Personalization

Investment Management Company

Retirement Journey: A Leader Reimagines the Experience with Hyper-Personalization

A New Era in Retirement Savings:  This leading investment management group is transforming the industry with a focus on hyper-personalization, empowering nearly five million participants to achieve financial wellness.

Understanding the Customer Journey: In today's experience-driven economy, companies are prioritizing exceptional omnichannel experiences.  At the forefront of this trend, offering participants a unique combination of:

  • Unconventional Investments: Access to innovative investment options.

  • Personalized Advice: Tailored guidance to meet individual needs.

  • Thought Leadership: Insights and guidance to navigate the retirement landscape.

  • Advanced Technology Solutions: Tools and platforms for informed decision-making.

The Power of Personalization: The Company leverages behavioral science to personalize communications, encouraging participants to take action towards financial security.

A Hyper-Personalized Digital Experience:  The company is partnering with Digital Factory is a leading technology provider  to create a dynamic digital and mobile experience. Our expertise in building advanced customer experiences will allow them to tailor the platform to each participant's specific needs in real-time.

Revolutionizing Recordkeeping:  Microsoft's cloud-native recordkeeping platform, powered by Digital Factory'sb solution, will unlock a new level of customization for plan sponsors. This real-time data platform will provide valuable insights to optimize the retirement planning process.

Building a Seamless Platform:  The new platform is being built from the ground up for ultimate flexibility and integration.  Gone are the days of cumbersome updates - the platform will leverage APIs for a seamless web experience.

Exploring the Future of Retirement:  This leading investment management group and Digital Factory are continuously exploring innovative technologies to enhance the retirement experience.  Augmented reality, virtual reality, and conversational AI are all being evaluated in their "Living Labs" to shape the future of retirement planning.

This story exemplifies how a leading retirement planning company is leveraging a hyper-personalized approach and cutting-edge technology to empower participants and redefine the industry.


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